Located in Panayia village at an altitude of around 800 metres and was founded by the monk Ignatius in the 12th century. The current building dates to 1770 and the winery and monastery was reopened in the 1980s on a commercial basis, producing wines from its own vineyards

Wild rugged mountains, deep gorges with pine-covered mountainsides and awe-inspiring cliffs is the scenery that God gifted Statos Agios Fotios and Panagia villages in Paphos. Paphos forest is interconnected with the villages vineyards and the mouflons still wander through the vineyards, overlooking Paphos from 3000 feet high.

We cultivate the same land our ancestors have been cultivating for many generations.

Here, we have created the largest organic vineyard with Maratheftiko in Cyprus. We do not use chemical fertilizers, insecticides or herbicides, but we nurture the vineyards using natural methods, according to the European standards for organic farming.

High altitude, plenty of sunshine and light calcareous soil, combined with the dry, yet cool summers, give grapes of unique quality with excellent taste and aromas.