Becky M

A really brilliant tour which I would thoroughly recommend

My husband and I went on the half day tour as part of our honeymoon. We were not disappointed. Del was not only an excellent guide but fantastic company for the day and made the tour so special for us. 

It started with a trip to a Cypriot delight place which was a good surprise bonus. As well as an extra winery (as we had time) on top of the 2 expected.

First we went to Fikardos winery and had the pleasure of Leonardo’s company. The wine named after him by his father is delicious and he is very knowledgeable. 

After this we went to Sodap (Komanterena winery) which for us was the highlight of the day. Not only did we continue enjoying the company of Del but the fabulous Irene was added to the mix. A wonderful lady who is full of positively and energy and knows how to make wine tasting fun. She was incredibly generous with the wine and was clearly very proud of what they have on offer there. We ended up purchasing quite a bit of wine there! It has tasted just as good at home as it did in beautiful Cyprus. 

Finally we went to Vasilikon. I agree with others that the hosts don’t engage in the same way but that was fine for us, we just sat and enjoyed the wine and snacks, as well as the spectacular views across the mountains. 

All three wineries were very different but we enjoyed them all in their different ways. Del asked us which was our favourite, we loved Irene so I leaned towards Sodap but in all honesty it is such a good tour because of the variety offered in each place. Fikardos has a lovely family feel, the wine was beautiful and I got the sense that if you wanted to speak about wine in detail this is the place to do it as they are very knowledgeable. Then the party and fun happens at Sodap – you could probably stay there all day. The wine is a good price if you are looking to buy and there is a lot of choice on offer. Finally sophistication and quality can be found at Vasilikon. It felt quite trendy to us. We got snacks along with drinks in all three wineries. 

On top of the wine you won’t get a better guide than Del. He knows a lot not just about the wine but also the history and other local gems. 

Thanks for making our honeymoon even better Del. We would definitely recommend this tour and/or company for anyone looking to do a wine tour.


Becky M